Sunday, April 27, 2008

Caught on film!

This little beastie comes to us from the warped and wonderful mind of Evan Cheng.

In his field notes he writes:

One day as my nephew was eating his lunch. looked over and this creature was slithering up his arm. He didn't seem to have a mouth, so I wasn't too worried. So, instead of going after him, I broke out my handy camera and snapped this picture. I think my nephew was a little worried. But, he's a big boy. He needs to learn to deal with stress sooner or later, right? The weird thing is the creature came out in black and white and with no shadows. Must be some kind of weird defensive reflex. My nephew is fine now. He just freaks out a little when we put him in his high chair. He'll get over it.

Good eye Evan, and thanks for the pic. To see more of Evan's fiendishly sharp genius, click on over to

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dashboard Monster

Backseat driver, Dashboard Monster you choose. They both can be dangerous. I prefer the Monster personally. At least this guy, is prepared for any weather. A purple umbrella can take you a long way in LA.

(Los Angeles, California, in a Honda, then later at Disneyland)

Penguin Monster

This little terror was raised by pengiuns in book form (whatever that means). He's been studied by scientists in the arctic and nominated for a Calidcott!

(San Francisco, Book Shop)

Our First Alert Monster Spotter!

Is Stacey Wiengarten. She spotted this beauty outside Princeton. Good eye Stacey!

(Princeton, near a ceramic castle of some kind)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Munching Monster

Munch-munch-munch. What this guy doesn't know is that eating the Transamerica Pyramid will give him gas (and the rest of us, higher premiums).

(San Francisco, CA, on top of a freakishly steep hill)

Hat Monster

This little guy lives in a Russian fur hat and doesn't recycle. Someone should teach him a lesson.

(NYC Subway,Downtown)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Gotti Monster

It's OK, John; the Monster's not too happy about it, either.

(December, Daily News Article)